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Zach Attack Redux


It’s been a year since Zach Johnson’s improbable Masters victory. Overcoming long odds, Stuart Appleby and the final day’s surprisingly cool temperatures, Johnson won while wearingDunning Golf’smulti-layered performance sportswear. Since the high-profile victory, Toronto-based Dunning has added 11 sales representatives and opened about 440 on-course ("green grass") accounts in the United States.

That kind of slightly stunning, exponential growth is all to the credit of Ralph Dunning, the firm’s founder and head designer. The expansion, up from 60 accounts and a sales force of four, might have been anticipated after Johnson so memorably donned Dunning’s three layers (including compression base layer) when the wind blew and temperatures dropped to unseasonable lows on the second Sunday in April ’07.

Appleby was seen blowing on his hands, and he looked relatively unprepared for the weather when he put on an Augusta National logoed sweater (possibly procured from either the souvenir

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