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Packing for a Golf Trip

Golf vacation season is coming up–indeed, in some places it’s already in full swing. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ve already booked your hotel and planned games for your entire stay. But if you’re like most golf holiday travelers, chances are you’re leaving the packing to the last minute. That’s not the best of ideas: you don’t want to scramble for essentials half an hour before your flight, or worse, realize you forgot something upon arriving.

A common mistake is not bringing enough sets of clothing. Playing 36 holes a day can get sweaty, so it’s usually best to bring one set for each round you’ll be playing. Take a cue from your hotel: regular shirts might be okay for some, but for others you may want to bring more upscale gear. It’s always a good idea to check weather forecasts before leaving, so you can bring extra …

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Empty Leg Flights: Getting Around For Less

To the avid golfer, travel is an inevitable–and often more than welcome–part of the sport. But that’s often what makes it costly and keeps some of the best experiences out of people’s reach. Few people would want to cough up a few thousand dollars every time a tournament or golf holiday package comes up. Well-heeled travelers and experienced golfers have a little-known secret: empty leg flights.

Empty leg flights are the flights that an airline makes back to its origin after completing a one-way trip. For example, if Airline A has been booked for a one-way flight from New York to Miami, it has to go back to New York empty, as the flight back hasn’t been booked. It’s obviously a waste of fuel, manpower, and a whole lot of other resources. That’s why planes started offering empty leg flights, allowing people to hop on for the journey for …

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Golf Holidays in Algarve, Portugal

Beautiful scenery, mild weather, and excellent terrains–all the things a vacationing golfer could ask for–all come together in the Algarve, the southernmost province of Portugal. To say golf is big business here is an understatement. The Portuguese government funds distribution schemes and water catchments to provide the lush oases at every golf course, offering a good game and a hefty challenge to anyone who’s here for a serious game. No course is more than 15km from the coastline, ensuring spectacular views from all points.

Golfer and course architect Henry Cotton is credited for putting Algarve on the map as a premier golf destination. The Englishman had long been drawn to Algarve, having called it home for much of his career. He designed one of the province’s earliest grass courses, Le Méridien Penina, and designed two more during his retirement. By the mid-1970s, the golf bandwagon was in full speed, with …

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Golf Holidays in Spain

Spain’s Mediterranean coastline and lush greenery make it a wonderful site for seaside golf, whether you come for some serious game play or a just a few good swings. The south and east coast are home to some of the best golf courses in Europe, if not the world. The rest of the country is cashing in as well, with courses proliferating even in urban centers and on nearby islands. It’s no surprise that golf aficionados the world over flock to Spain year-round for golf holidays–there’s always plenty to go around.

The Costa Blanca region leads the pack, thanks mostly to its unique microclimate. Visitors are treated to more days of sunshine than elsewhere on the continent. Golfers come here in the winter months when their home courses are unplayable, although there’s no peak or off-peak–it’s got something to offer any time of the year. The La Manga golf resort, …

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Visit Australia on your Next Golfing Holiday

Australia’s great climate allows golf to be played throughout the year which provides a great opportunity for all levels of golfing ability to plan a golfing holiday in Australia.  Golf courses are located all around Australia with many offering something special such as great views, glimpses of wildlife, challenging holes and a combination of all these great features.  One of the best holiday destinations for Golfers of all ability is the Murray Downs Golf Resort.

This magnificent golf resort is located along the Murray River in Swan Hill Victoria.  This resort is one of the best golf resorts in Australia and has golfing and accommodation packages to suit all  abilities and budgets.  For interstate and international travellers the town of Swan Hill is located in Victoria and is only three hours drive north of Melbourne.

The golf course makes up most of the area of the resort and has been …

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