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New to Golf? Learn From the Pros

For golf beginners, technical tips from every aspect of the sport can be a lot to drink in. But well-meaning pros often give conflicting advice: do you invest in good clubs now, or start with cheap ones? Are strategy and improvisation more valuable than technical skill? The more people you ask, the more confusing the answers get.

Luckily, some tips are universal. When it comes to clubs, for example, most experts agree that quality is a must. Bad clubs can bog down your game enough to discourage you. If cost is an issue, rent a set for the first few games, or buy a used set if you’re more serious. When you’ve gained some experience, you’re in a better position to know which clubs are most worth your money.

The same rule applies to golf aids, such as golf trainers, training mats, and instructional videos. Don’t splurge on high-end stuff …

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Muscle Stimulator Training: How It Works

Muscle stimulator training has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the growing consciousness about weight control. There is particular interest among those with on-the-go lifestyles, who do not often have time to squeeze in a workout or who have limited time to hit the gym. For these people, muscle simulator training is a great way to get in some exercise, or at least get the most out of it.

But how does it work, exactly? The technology is known as electrical muscle simulation or electrosimulation, and fitness circles commonly refer to it as EMS training. What it does is send electrical impulses to the motor nerve, which controls muscle movement and causes an involuntary muscle contraction. This contraction occurs at a deeper level than the kind created during exercise, which is voluntary. Therefore, the workout you get is more efficient and has a lower impact on your …

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Golf Bidder

It’s not uncommon for a golf beginner, or even the occasional pro, to check out the secondhand market when looking for golf equipment. Compared to other sports, golf isn’t cheap–a set of good irons can easily run you back several hundred dollars, if not thousands. And then you’ve got golf carts, bags, shoes, tees, and a host of other equipment. For someone just checking out the sport, splurging on all that is a bit impractical.

Used golf equipment allows you to get your hands on all the basics without breaking the bank. Golf Bidder, the leading source of secondhand equipment, offers a large selection of clubs, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Products are organized into sections to make it easier to search–you can shop exclusively for beginner’s gear, for example, or look at women’s golf clubs. It even offers product guides for those buying their first equipment, making sure …

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Using Golf Training Software

Tennis players, figure skaters, and even swimmers have coaches. So it only makes sense for a golfer, especially one who’s just starting to get serious, to get some help in perfecting his craft. You could hire a Pro and install some artificial grass, But if you can’t afford an expert’s undivided attention (few of us can, really), the next best thing is a golf training program.

Training programs can be web-based, meaning you access them via an online account, or offline, meaning all the information is stored on your computer. Most of them work using a tracking system, which monitors your progress and calculates your handicap as you work on improving your game. A comprehensive training program should also look after your health and joints. No worries, Holland and Barrett’s cheap supplements are ideal for Golfers. A good golf training program can help you pick out your strong areas …

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Warming Up For Golf

Warming up may seem unnecessary for low-impact sports, but golf can be surprisingly strenuous. It’s not uncommon for beginners to feel stiff a day or two after their first game. For pros, stretching is an essential part of routine and the key to the perfect opening shot.

The first few minutes leading up to a game tends to be hurried–running to the check-in counter, dashing over to the tee, lugging equipment around. New players tend to be out of breath by the time they start, and this can lead to very unsteady play.

So what kind of warm-up works well for golf, and how much should you get in? A common trick is to practice your putting stroke on the green itself. This will not only get you used to the move, which is one of the most important in golf, but also help you match your pace to the …

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