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Golf Resorts for Luxury Seekers

Every high-end destination boasts a golf course or two. In most places, golf courses constantly top each other with one perk after another, with accommodations getting more and more extravagant every season. It’s no wonder that golf and luxury travel have become practically inseparable. If you’re the type who would pay a premium to play a few games in prestigious locations, chances are you’re already on the lookout for new places to bring your irons this year. These destinations come highly recommended by the pros.

Bahia, Brazil

The Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba lies on a former coconut farm, and much of its natural beauty has been preserved over the years. Golfers particularly enjoy the Comandatuba Ocean Course, which features sand dunes, coconut trees, and lush greenery for a scenic yet fairly challenging course. You may even get a glimpse of local wildlife, from monkeys and foxes to rare native …

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Top Five Public Golf Courses in Canada


The best way to evaluate a country in terms of golf is to consider how the international community views their courses. In this regard, Canada has had amazing success recently. Golfers from all over the world are coming to Canadian golf courses in record numbers. A big factor in this achievement is Canada’s public courses, which are some of the highest profile and most well respected public golf courses in the world.

Let’s examine the top five.


1. Loch March

Loch March is “exclusively public,” and not only does it pride itself on being one of Canada’s premiere courses, it exhibits the most superb Ottawa golf club in the entire a rea. What makes Loch March so famous is how un-man-made it feels. It’s uncanny the way they were able to use the natural topography of the stunning March Highlands. Another impressive feat is its golf club, which …

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Historic Golf Club To Start Accepting Female Members

Changes are afoot in the historic St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland, home to the world’s oldest golf course: it will soon start admitting women for the first time in its 257-year history.

Current rules do not explicitly ban women, but they provide limited membership information, referring to full memberships for men, junior memberships for youths, and juvenile memberships for boys.

New equality laws have forced the club’s management to recommend a change in these rules. Although the Equality Act, which obtained Royal Assent in 2010, allows single-gender golf clubs to keep their stance, St. Andrews believes it is in the best interest of the club and its members to make the rules “clearer and more robust.”

In a letter addressed to members, the club said it had three ways to comply with the new legislation. One was to operate as it always has, with male members given access to …

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Sardinia: Golf’s Less-Trodden Course in 2011

The Italian island of Sardinia, the second largest in the Mediterranean, is gearing up for a busy summer as it welcomes not just the usual hordes of swimmers and sunbathers, but a wave of golf enthusiasts looking to beat the holiday crowds. If you’ve seen Europe’s best greens and are after new haunts, Sardinia is definitely worth checking out.

Tour operator Sardatur Holidays, which serves Sardinia and much of mainland Italy, has come up with new holiday packages capitalizing beyond the island’s coastline. Rather, it offers visitors a look into what Sardinia offers further inland: beautiful landscapes, sun-drenched fields, and rolling terrains perfect for a golf holiday, whether you’re an amateur or a pro.

Oristano, a town in the island’s west, is of particular interest to golfers. The town is rife with natural and cultural treasures, from the Sinis Peninsular wildlife preserve to the church of St. Francis of Assisi, …

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Top US Golf Course Oakmont Country Club

Golf is a hugely popular sport in the US which is probably the reason that most of the top ranked golf courses are located in North America.  Most golfers have a list of top courses that they would like to play and many of those courses include places where championships have taken place such as Oakmont Country Club.  The golf course at Oakmont has hosted the most golfing events of all the golf courses in the US and many who have played here considered this course to be one of the toughest in any weather conditions.

Oakmont Country Club is located in the Pennsylvanian hills near Pittsburgh and has been in existence since the early 1900s.  The course was originally designed by Henry Fownes and from its opening in 1903 has been regarded by many within the sport of golf as the most difficult golf course located in the US.  …

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