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Golf Trading Basics

Golf trading is a popular way to make money off golf tournaments, from small events to high-profile ones. Hundreds to thousands of dollars are traded on online betting platforms such as Betfair, which also offers betting on poker, football, horse racing, and other sports. With the right strategies, one can make an initial investment grow tenfold without having to get up and go to the green–and sometimes with little more than a working knowledge of the sport. If you enjoy golf and want to get involved in other ways, you may want to try your luck as a golf trader.

The basic concept behind golf trading is that you back a golfer for a certain price (i.e. you bet X dollars that Golfer A will win). You can then bet against that same player, for a different price and at a different stage in the tournament, ensuring a profit for yourself. This is called laying. It’s one of the simplest and most efficient ways to go around golf trading. Of course, as you go along you may find more strategies that work better for you, or that better reflect your favorite players’ patterns.

Betfair is the go-to place for golf trading, mostly because of its simple interface and large customer base. Although based in the UK, it accepts golf traders from around the world and supports tournaments from all continents. At the moment they are giving away free £25 bets for new signups, so it’s a good time to try it without putting anything at stake.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll want to allocate a pot, or a certain amount of money, to use on upcoming tournaments. Most experts suggest putting between 10 and 15 units from your bankroll, and then dividing it between two events. This should help distribute the risk so that you don’t lose a large pot if the odds aren’t in your favor. Of course, this means getting to know each player and estimating their odds. You can further distribute your stakes among five or so players if you’re wary about losing.

Most experts agree that your exit point, or the stage where you pack up and quit, is vital to maximizing your wins or curbing your losses. You’ll usually know how well you’re doing halfway into the game. At this point you can trade out or wait to see if your money can grow further.

Each golf trader has his own strategy. Even the more experienced ones will have contradicting opinions on how you can win more or lose less. It all boils down to how much risk you’re ready to take, which in turn is tied to how well you know the game and your players. Start with small bets, and when you’ve got a better feel of how it works, you can trade more boldly and earn more.

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