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Golf Returns to the Olympics: What to expect in 2016

There’s little to see for golf fans at this year’s Olympics, but the next one–slated to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil–promises a whole new spectacle. It’s the year that golf will become an Olympic sport after more than a hundred years off the scene (it has only made two previous appearances, in 1900 and in 1904). So what’s there to look out for when the 2016 Games roll around?

Full details have yet to come out, but according to official statements, the field will consist of 60 men and 60 women, with the World Golf Rankings serving as the starting point. Countries can send a maximum of two contestants (four if there are multiple players in the top 15), which helps keep some countries being over represented. This means that even golfers that have a long way to go, such as those in the lower 100s, have a …

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Adding an Ecommerce Store on Styled to a Tee

We are thinking of adding an ecommerce store here on Styled to a Tee and are looking for recommendations on suitable shopping cart and checkout systems.

Currently the site runs on WordPress and we have heard good things about the Woocommerce plugin from Woothemes. Interested to hear people experiences setting up an online store.

We will need the ability to process credit card transactions and no doubt need a merchant account. We have been looking at instabill as they appear to have the features we need, but not sure how this would work with Woocommerce. Other payment options like Paypal would be good to have as a backup, but would prefer to have a proper merchant account for the majority of transactions. If you have any recommendations let us know so we can provide you with the best golf shop possible.…

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New to Golf? Learn From the Pros

For golf beginners, technical tips from every aspect of the sport can be a lot to drink in. But well-meaning pros often give conflicting advice: do you invest in good clubs now, or start with cheap ones? Are strategy and improvisation more valuable than technical skill? The more people you ask, the more confusing the answers get.

Luckily, some tips are universal. When it comes to clubs, for example, most experts agree that quality is a must. Bad clubs can bog down your game enough to discourage you. If cost is an issue, rent a set for the first few games, or buy a used set if you’re more serious. When you’ve gained some experience, you’re in a better position to know which clubs are most worth your money.

The same rule applies to golf aids, such as golf trainers, training mats, and instructional videos. Don’t splurge on high-end stuff …

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Golf Trading Basics

Golf trading is a popular way to make money off golf tournaments, from small events to high-profile ones. Hundreds to thousands of dollars are traded on online betting platforms such as Betfair, which also offers betting on poker, football, horse racing, and other sports. With the right strategies, one can make an initial investment grow tenfold without having to get up and go to the green–and sometimes with little more than a working knowledge of the sport. If you enjoy golf and want to get involved in other ways, you may want to try your luck as a golf trader.

The basic concept behind golf trading is that you back a golfer for a certain price (i.e. you bet X dollars that Golfer A will win). You can then bet against that same player, for a different price and at a different stage in the tournament, ensuring a profit for …

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Packing for a Golf Trip

Golf vacation season is coming up–indeed, in some places it’s already in full swing. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ve already booked your hotel and planned games for your entire stay. But if you’re like most golf holiday travelers, chances are you’re leaving the packing to the last minute. That’s not the best of ideas: you don’t want to scramble for essentials half an hour before your flight, or worse, realize you forgot something upon arriving.

A common mistake is not bringing enough sets of clothing. Playing 36 holes a day can get sweaty, so it’s usually best to bring one set for each round you’ll be playing. Take a cue from your hotel: regular shirts might be okay for some, but for others you may want to bring more upscale gear. It’s always a good idea to check weather forecasts before leaving, so you can bring extra …

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